George Mason University
2013 MFA Exhibit and Open Studios



"One of the greatest joys of being a curator is being given the opportunity to see the world through an artist’s lens. 

I was extremely honored to serve as curator of the First Annual MFA Exhibit and Open Studios at the School of Art at George Mason University. This invitation gave me the good fortune of meeting fifteen extremely talented and fearless MFA candidates. The freshness, creativity, boldness, and raw honesty displayed in their works is a testament to them as artists as well as to the MFA program of which they are a part. 

The various media and materials shown in this Exhibition are as diverse as the artists themselves; photography, video, sculpture, prints, oil and acrylic on canvas, painted Willow branches, sea water, pine needles, ash, rust, baby powder, bird seed, rope, human hair, black sand, flax, glass, fabric, hand-formed paper of abaca, recycled shopping carts and garden planters. Central to all, however, is the undeniable quest for truth, identity, connectedness, and awareness. And, it is through these quests where the conversation begins...between viewer and art; viewer and artist; and the totality of the artwork as well."

- Judy J. Sherman